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Waste: Danone join Ecosurety to boost recycling traceability

The UK arm of global food and beverage company #Danone has signed a three year deal that will see #Ecosurety manage its #packaging #waste recycling obligations in the UK, ensuring the highest possible standards of transparency and traceability are adhered to.

The new partnership will also help activate investment into recycling innovation and education, helping to build UK capacity and contribute towards developing a circular economy in the UK.

Danone is one of the world’s largest food and beverage producers and recognises the impact that it can have through its commitment to reducing and recycling its packaging waste. It currently recycles more than 80% of its used packaging and is working to further improve this through the new partnership with Ecosurety, which will enable Danone to further offset its impact on the environment via investment into innovation and improved UK recycling infrastructure.

In line with its core business model, Ecosurety will prioritise the purchase of Danone’s PRNs from UK reprocessors to ensure reinvestment into the UK’s recycling system. In this way, Danone will help to support innovative new recycling techniques and the building of new recycling capacity.

This dynamic approach that Ecosurety has championed will help increase the UK’s capacity to recycle its packaging waste including problematic types of plastic packaging.

Caroline Winters, director of public affairs at Danone, commented: ‘As a multinational business with an ambition to lead in the sustainability sector, recycling is an area that we are particularly focused on improving.

‘Ecosurety’s approach to traceability and tangible reinvestment in the recycling sector resonated with our own environmental business objectives. This is the start of an impactful new partnership and we look forward to working with Ecosurety.’

Meanwhile, James Piper, managing director of Ecosurety, commented: ‘We are determined to show that recycling compliance doesn’t need to be perceived of as a tax, but rather a positive feedback system that benefits producer, consumer and planet.

‘We are delighted that Danone recognise this, and the long term potential of our business approach. Danone is a company that shares many of our sustainability objectives and it is great to have them on board.’

Danone recently secured B Corp status for its dairy business operation in the UK, recognising its rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Its ambition is to become one of the first multinationals to secure B Corp accreditation across its global operations.

This October, Danone was also one of a number of big name brands to support the innovative #LeedsByExample on the go recycling initiative. The campaign, set up by Ecosurety and behaviour change charity Hubbub, is using a range of interactive tools and educational techniques to improve recycling on the go. It is being trialled for six months in the city of Leeds.


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