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  • Susan

Turn your festival tent into a dress or t-shirt

Are you going to festivals this year and not sure what to do with your tent afterwards? Instead of leaving it sitting in your garage until next year, Vintage Threads is here to save the day to rework the materials into bespoke clothing – whether that is a dress or a men’s t shirt.

Vintage Threads Rework has rapidly become a huge hit with customers around the world, including gaining the attention of Ariana Grande, Emma Chamberlain and Ellie Goulding. Not only does its Rework help drive the business towards its zero waste mission, but also gives you the opportunity to create a unique item of clothing like nothing you have seen before, completely individualised to you.

If you aren’t going to a camping festival this year and instead are in need of a wardrobe refresh, rather than leaving old unwanted pieces of clothing in your closet collecting dust, the team at Vintage Threads can rework any of your items – turning your unloved and forgotten clothes into bespoke one of a kind pieces.

For more information on Vintage Threads and their Rework programme, please visit:


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