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NOPEX partners with City Harvest to provide 1.5tonnes of food to local communities

Natural & Organic Products Expo (NOPEX) has  announce its successful partnership with City Harvest, resulting in the distribution of 1.5 tonnes of food to communities in need. This collaboration is a collective effort to address food waste within the events industry and provides a solution to food insecurity across London. 


‘NOPEX has always been dedicated to supporting communities and fostering a culture of health and wellness. Through our partnership with City Harvest, a leading food rescue organisation in London, we were able to divert surplus natural and organic products from the expo and redistribute them to charities addressing food insecurity. This initiative not only minimised waste but also made a positive impact to many individuals,’ said operations manager Jamie Cieszynska.


City Harvest’s impact report states the exhibitor donations at NOPEX on 15 April made up a total of 3638 meals (delivered to charities and foodbanks feeding communities). This equated to 2.2 tonnes of GHG emissions prevented. This was organised by volunteers from City Harvest, who also had a stand at Natural & Organic Products Expo to discuss how exhibitors and show attendees can support the organisation. 


‘Free food, delivered by City Harvest to our community partners, brings more than nutritious value to Londoners in need: it frees up budgets for other social investments to support and enrich the lives and wellbeing of those most in need,’ said Benjamin Logue, food sourcing manager at City Harvest.


As well as this, Diversified Communications (organiser of Natural & Organic Products Expo) has on-going commitments to sustainability within the organisation including investing in a number of environmentally friendly projects across the world.



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