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The most eco friendly high street revealed

Over the last few years, the UK has been doing more and more to contribute to an eco friendly way of living – whether it is ditching plastic straws for reusable ones, or substituting your meat for a vegan option.

Research is consistently revealing that the growing popularity of eco friendly life choices is slowly starting to reflect on Britain’s ever evolving high streets, with increases in vegan restaurants, recycling centres, charity shops and independent businesses being demonstrated. 

The experts at SaveOnEnergy created an index by extracting and analysing data on the concentration of recycling hubs, vegan cafes, charging stations and more on each high street to crown the most eco friendly in the UK.

Scoring the highest with 357 points, and taking the crown as the most eco friendly high street, is Saint Andrew’s Street in Cambridge. This high street offers consumers 64 local green spaces, 82 eateries that serve vegan options, 18 charity shops and six charging stations. 

Coming in very close with 350 points is Bridge Street in Cardiff taking second place. It has the highest number of charity shops at 20 and offer 12 health food stores, 14 charging stations and 15 restaurants that serve vegan options. 

In third place with 339 points is Coppergate in York. Not only does this high street have 15 charging stations and 20 local green spaces but it also leads in eateries that serve vegan options at 162.

Scoring the lowest with only 19 points, the UK’s least eco friendly high street to visit is Commercial Way in Woking. Offering only two charging stations, on health food store and one recycling centre. 

At 22 points, Market Place in Warrington is the second least eco friendly high street, with two health food stores, three independent shops and one charging station.

The third least eco friendly high street is Gentleman’s Walk in Norwich, raking up only 24 points. This high street only offers three local green spaces, three charging stations and nine charity shops. 


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