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  • Susan

Mayflex continues its efforts to reduce waste and support the environment

#Mayflex, the distributor of Converged IP Solutions, has recently issued each of its office based staff with a #refillable metal water bottle and branded china mug to utilise on a day to day basis. Each item has been distributed as part of the businesses continuing efforts to lessen its impact on the environment by #reducing its consumption of single use #plastic and paper.

To coincide with this, Mayflex has replaced its free vend, drinks machines with a model that does not dispense cups. All employees are actively encouraged to consider the environment throughout their working day and the issuing of water bottle and mugs is helping them to do their bit for the planet.

Andy Cooper, chief operations officer, commented: ‘To effectively contribute to the protection of the ecosystem, Mayflex relies on its workforce principles and integrity, we actively want to support our staff and help them make choices including reducing waste to landfill, saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.’

Andy continued, ‘Our projected annual reduction of single use lined paper and plastic cups is circa 120,000 per year from all vending machines throughout the business. Previously all items would have been disposed of and made their way into general waste and sent for incineration.’

Finally Andy commented, ‘The distribution of these items also ties in with our wellbeing initiative which is driven by our HR team, actively encouraging our staff to look after themselves and stay hydrated.’


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