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Making green improvements to your home adds an average £59,195 in value

Timber window and door supplier Bereco has advised that increasing your home's energy efficiency makes for a lucrative financial investment. Not just playing a part in society's need to do more for the planet, homeowners could make a 66% return on the investment on average by making such changes to their home.

The company’s recent research found improvements such as adding more sustainable windows and doors, among other activities, can increase the value of your home by up to 16%. This premium is in addition to regional house price growth.

Relative to local area average prices, the value added by improved energy efficiency amounts to:

  • Yorkshire & Humber: £38,981.

  • East Midlands: £45,564.

  • East of England: £68,570.

  • London: £110,852.

  • South East: £78,786.

  • South West: £62,655.

  • Wales: £40,914.

  • West Midlands: £46,012.

  • North West: £40,078.

The findings also show properties with higher energy efficiency and consequent higher EPC rating sell quicker than those with a lower EPC rating.

Nicola Harrison, managing director at Bereco, commented: ‘Making eco friendly improvements to our homes has – until now – felt like an unnecessary or 'nice to have' option. But the recent heatwaves have reminded us just how damaging CO2 emissions and wasted energy can be, so our eco conscience is very front of mind. Still, few homeowners realise the true financial benefits of making these home improvements.

‘Evidence shows that homebuyers are increasingly looking for eco credentials in homes on the market. So, if you think you may sell your home at any point in the future, this is a great investment to make now, to benefit your bank balance and the planet in the future.’

Green home improvements are any activity that reduces the need to heat and cool the home and minimises wasted energy. Timber, being carbon negative and the most sustainable and renewable natural material, plays a crucial role in making homes more energy efficient.

Modern manufactured windows are a big part of a home's energy efficiency as they stop heat loss when it is cold, reducing the need for internal heating, and keep the heat out when it is hot, reducing the need for air conditioning.

Bereco supplies and installs high quality timber windows and doors throughout the UK. The organisation supports the existing and proposed UK government targets for net carbon zero by 2050, including the proposed minimum EPC legislation. Its products exceed the new building regulation requirements on heat insulation by up to 15%.


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