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Koehler recognised for its efforts in sustainability with EcoVadis Gold CSR rating

Koehler Paper, a Koehler Group company, recently underwent its second assessment by EcoVadis, a platform and provider of sustainability ratings. The company not only made a compelling case in terms of meeting sustainability criteria, but also earned a score that was two points higher than in 2019. With this impressive result, Koehler Paper was once again recognised with the EcoVadis gold medal and remained in the top 10% of all rated companies.

‘This result confirms, both to us and to our customers, that we are tackling all relevant sustainability issues and are on the right path,’ said sustainability manager Jens Kriete. And in order to further reflect this commitment, the company will be releasing a sustainability report for the first time ever this year to describe its approach to sustainability in greater detail. Jens Kriete goes on to add: ‘The EcoVadis rating will help us fine tune our sustainability agenda. It is a reflection of what we are doing and shows exactly where we are on a solid footing and where we need to make adjustments.’

Within this context, Koehler is particularly effective when it comes to production and raw material procurement. Its products are based on fibres from inspected, certified sustainable sources, and its production processes are efficient and characterized by extremely low emissions. ‘Our products can help our customers reduce their environmental impact and, after use, are also a raw material that is in high demand for recycling. This is how we are contributing to improving sustainability all the way from our supply chain, through our production operations, to our products. And EcoVadis has recognised this,’ Jens Kriete said.

The topic of CSR is becoming increasingly important in the corporate world, and a sustainable direction in business relationships is an extremely important priority for many customers. Koehler’s commitment to its own sustainable development and responsible business processes meets this priority, and has been confirmed with the aforementioned gold medal. The company and its employees view environmental protection, environmental management, and the efficient use of natural raw materials as a fundamental prerequisite for profitable growth and the wellbeing of humankind and society.


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