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Kemira announces a multi-million euro investment in water treatment chemicals production in the UK

Kemira has announced a significant capacity extension of its ferric sulfate water treatment chemicals production line in Goole. The additional 70,000 tonnes capacity investment helps meet the growing demand for coagulants due to the new and stricter Asset Management Plan 7 and 8 regulation on phosphorus and other nutrient discharge from wastewater treatment set out in the Water Industry National Environment Programme in the UK. The new capacity is planned to be in operation in Q3 2025.

‘We support our customers in meeting the tighter regulations and help them to optimise the chemistries used in every part of the water treatment process. This investment will increase our flexibility to utilise different types of iron raw materials which will further secure our strong supply service when demand increases. We are well placed to meet the growing future needs of the UK water treatment industry,’ said Wido Waelput, senior vice president, commercial, EMEA & APAC, industry and water segment at Kemira.

Kemira produces currently over 350,000 tonnes of water treatment and other chemicals annually at its four UK manufacturing sites in Goole, Ellesmere Port, Teesport and Bradford. It has invested significantly in the Goole site in recent years. The latest expansion programme was completed in 2021.


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