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How small businesses can reduce plastic packaging

The small business eco experts at Small99 are hosting an event to support small UK e-commerce businesses who want to go plastic free.

This follows the successful event that guided small businesses who are looking to make a change within their company’s activities to understand net zero and improve their carbon footprint.

Protecting the environment is important in all aspects of business, but going plastic free can seem like an impossible task for those distributing their products.

As help for small businesses can be costly and hard to access, the aim of this event is to bring practical solutions that are easily implemented.

Adam Bastock of Small99 said, ‘Plastic packaging is a struggle for many e-commerce companies, with consumers demanding alternatives that are easier to recycle and for demanding reduced plastic use.

‘However, going plastic free doesn’t always mean going carbon free, and plastic alternatives can actually increase your company’s carbon footprint.

‘Alternatives aren’t always up to the job either, and brands can be left unsure on how to proceed with reducing their plastic usage without compromising their customer experience.

‘In our event we are tackling this issue head on and giving brand managers and business owners the information they need to go plastic free for good.

‘We will hear from Shaunak, co-founder at Omvits. Over the past two years, he has been researching and planning the process to make all its products 100% plastic free and reduce carbon footprint for the company.’

Registration for free tickets for the event, to be held on June 1, can be found here.


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