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  • Susan

Have a tree-mendous Christmas

Did you know that in the wild a Norwegian Spruce can live up to 300 years? Yet each year, we invite one into our homes for up to just six weeks, before throwing it back out into the cold. This year, Beards & Daisies is encouraging you to go potted! Invite one of its trees into your home, dress him up for Christmas, and then keep him happy in your garden until it is his time to shine again! The company wants to help bring back a little of that childhood magic, with its Christmas trees delivered straight to your door – as if from the big man himself! (Who knows, it might actually be him!) Forget that precarious drive home with your boot open and half a tree hanging out. No need to worry about hoovering out your car. At Beards & Daisies, the team of experienced elves will pick you the bushiest, most gorgeous green potted Christmas tree and deliver it straight to your door. Leaving you plenty of time to get on with all of the festivities! Whether you are looking for a mini tree to brighten up a sideboard or a tall four or six footer, ready to steal the show – with plenty of space for Santa to leave your presents.


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