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Bereco recycles equivalent of 35 Mini Coopers over course of last year

Leading timber window and door specialist Bereco is celebrating that it has recycled more than 44 tonnes of waste in the last year – the equivalent of 35 Mini Coopers.

The company works with waste management supplier Reconomy Group and is now encouraging others to do the same.

The partnership allows Bereco to recycle up to 100% of waste from its consumer operations and minimises the components that are not currently recyclable, saving 26 tonnes of waste from landfill each year.

Over the course of the last year, the majority of the company’s consumer jobs have seen more than 96% of waste recycled, with a third achieving 100%.

Managing director Nicola Harrison said, ‘We are very proud to say that more than 44 tonnes of waste from our consumer operations have been recycled in the last year as we continue to champion sustainability and eco friendly business options.

‘We are always committed to reducing waste wherever we can and we would love to see more businesses in the home improvement sector doing the same.’

Recycling is just one element of Bereco’s sustainability efforts, which also include being a member of the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products, donating £1 to the World Land Trust for every timber door purchased, and using only FSC 100% certified timber, which is essential in helping in the fight against deforestation.

The company is also now using solar panels to power its advanced production facilities, designs its windows and doors with optimum energy efficiency in mind, and has recently signed the Anti-Greenwash Charter, to demonstrate and promote a commitment to transparency, accountability, fairness and honesty in its sustainability messaging.

Timber is a renewable, natural resource that is fully biodegradable and Bereco windows have a u-value up to 25% better than the current building regulation requirements, meaning that not only are they better for the planet, they can also save the average three bedroom home £530 on heating bills each year.


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