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Why go green in business?

Here are just a few of the benefits why becoming more sustainable works for your business.


You can save money, and make money. Cut your costs on power, water, transport; save on waste, and better utilise resources – meaning you have to buy less.

You will have a better image in the market in which you work, and in turn be more marketable to customers.

You will attract more customers – especially those who are eco minded.

You will improve employee satisfaction and motivation.

You will find that because you are 'managing' more, you will have a better health and safety record.

You will become more efficient and effective – whatever you do.

You can differentiate your business without huge investment or completely changing the products you produce or services you offer.

You will attract more financial support. Increasingly, financiers are looking for more ethical companies with which to work.

Demonstrate to the world that you are a leader – a good, sound company to do with which to do business.

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