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Three carbon friendly things to consider


1. Whilst you can't ditch the computer, switch back to paper where you can. It is infinitely more eco friendly that electronic communication. It is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. 

2. Before you even contemplate offsetting your negative carbon impacts, you should make sure that you message your outputs and then have cut your carbon impacts to the core, so that you only need to offset the minimum.


                                                      3. Remember that different carbon calculators measure 

                                                          different parameters and some only takes parts of                                                                 your business into consideration; make sure that                                                                   you measure it completely and properly                                                                                 for everything  you do.

                                                     Did you know: The global IT industry is a major                                                                    contributor to global warming. It accounts for more                                                              than 3% of global carbon emissions – that’s more                                                                  than the aviation industry. Huge server farms run                                                                  continually guzzling energy and electronic waste                                                                  is the world's fastest growing waste stream!

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