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  • Susan

Want to name a bin truck after your ex? Now’s your chance!

Was your ex full of rubbish?

Your awful ex can now ‘almost literally’ be full of rubbish, by having a bin truck named in their honour with the help of a British waste company.

Waste collection company is offering a totally free opportunity to treat your least favourite person – just in time for this Valentine's Day.

Company spokesman Mark Hall explained, ‘We have plenty of trucks in need of a good name and we thought, why not give people the chance to put their trashy ex behind them once and for all?

‘It couldn’t be any easier to arrange either, all you have to do is click on the link, fill out the form, and hey presto you’ve whacked their name on a bin lorry.’

So, if you are looking for the ultimate way to vent your break up blues, then why not name a bin truck after them for the ultimate self-love satisfaction?

Mark said, ‘We have all trash talked about an ex before. So, imagine the pleasure you will get by seeing their name on the side of a bin lorry full of rubbish.

‘What better way is there to let that trashy ex go than by waving their namesake truck off into the sunset and out of your life for good?’

And, of course, the environment is also benefitting as the trucks are not only picking up rubbish, but ensuring its second life through sustainable use.

So, if your rubbish ex deserves to have a bin truck named after them, head over to, and follow the simple instructions.

Mark added, ‘Alternatively you could just move on and forget about them, but to be honest with you, where’s the fun in that?’


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