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Virgin Media O2 first in sector to Carbon Trust certification for action to net zero emissions

Virgin Media O2 is the first UK telecoms provider to be recognised by the Carbon Trust for its action towards achieving net zero carbon across its business.

Virgin Media O2 has achieved the ‘Advancing’ level of the Carbon Trust’s Route to Net Zero Standard and is one of only three businesses in the country to receive the Advancing tier of the certification.

Carbon Trust’s Route to Net Zero Standard is a robust and challenging certification to help companies manage and reduce carbon emissions, and share progress made towards achieving net zero.

Virgin Media O2 has achieved the Advancing level for reducing its Scope 1 and 2 carbon footprints in line with science based targets to keep global temperature rises below two degrees. The Carbon Trust has also recognised Virgin Media O2’s rigorous plans to cut carbon and to achieve net zero across its operations, products, and supply chain (Scopes 1,2 and 3) by the end of 2040.

Dominic Burbridge, director, business services at the Carbon Trust, said: ‘The Route to Net Zero Standard is an ambitious and challenging certification that demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to measuring and managing their emissions, developing robust carbon reduction strategies, and aligning targets for the future.

‘We are delighted that Virgin Media O2 has been certified to the Advancing tier, leading the way for the UK telecoms sector. We look forward to our continued collaboration on their journey to net zero.’

As part of its sustainability strategy, the Better Connections Plan, Virgin Media O2 is taking action to cut carbon emissions across its business, and to help the UK to transition to a low carbon future.

On top of its plan to achieve net zero carbon, it is also committing to the Science Based Target initiative’s (SBTi) Net Zero Standard, and has joined The Climate Pledge – a collective of more than 370 organisations committed to climate action and being net zero carbon by 2040.

The company is also a member of the Climate Group’s EV100 initiative where it has committed to transitioning its fleet of more than 4000 vehicles to electric vehicles by the end of 2030.

In addition, Virgin Media O2 will use its gigabit broadband and 5G mobile networks to power next generation technology and services that will support key sectors to decarbonise faster. This will help to enable Internet of Things (IoT) devices and artificial intelligence for cleaner transport including connected autonomous vehicles; reduce traffic and congestion and improve air quality in the UK's smart cities; and power smart factories of the future with automated production lines and advanced robotics for more efficient manufacturing.

Dana Haidan, chief sustainability officer at Virgin Media O2, said: ‘We are proud Virgin Media O2 is one of the first companies in the UK to be recognised by the Carbon Trust for our commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions across our business, operations, and supply chain by the end of 2040.

‘While this is an important step in our journey to become net zero, we know the climate crisis demands urgent action, and that is why we are going further for the planet, people and future generations with our sustainability strategy, the Better Connections Plan.

‘By using our leading gigabit broadband and 5G mobile networks, we will power sustainable tech across the country to support communities and businesses, and help people to lead greener and more connected lives.’


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