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Valmet to rebuild pre-treatment system for RE Energy’s biorefinery in Denmark

Valmet is to rebuild the pre-treatment system for RE Energy’s biorefinery in Kalundborg, Denmark. The delivery is planned for the first half of 2022.

‘RE Energy acquired the old biorefinery with the clear intention to bring it back into operation. This includes replacing the pre-treatment system to achieve stable operation. We have great expectations that we, through the corporation and with the Valmet team and their technology, will achieve this goal,’ said Henrik Maimann, CEO RE Energy.

RE Energy’s biorefinery will, based on straw, produce 2G bioethanol and lignin, and in collaboration with a partner, utilise the hemicellulose to produce new innovative ingredients.

‘We are very happy that RE Energy is investing in the Kalundborg plant and that it has chosen Valmet as the supplier. RE Energy has a very interesting project coming up and the future looks promising with its new products,’ said Tomas Jonsson, sales manager, Biomass Conversion Technology Unit, Valmet.

Valmet will replace the old feeding system of the plant with a new biomass feeding system based on its patented ‘Force’ feed technology and a new steam explosion unit. The plant will be able to handle five tonnes of absolutely dry wheat straw per hour (six tonnes per hour with 20% moisture in the straw).


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