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The shocking environmental cost of our favourite items revealed

New research reveals that laptops are the most environmentally damaging everyday item, taking a whopping 50,193 gallons of water to produce!

The study by Utility Bidder has analysed how many gallons of water it takes to produce our everyday items, from technological products to household items. The study also looks at which Apple products are the biggest environmental culprits.

Laptops are our biggest everyday environmental culprits. The 50,193 gallons of water they take to produce is equivalent to 401,544 pints, and as people are recommended to drink 3.5 pints of water a day, the water used to produce one laptop could keep a person well hydrated for almost 115,000 days, or roughly four lifetimes.

Cars are also one of our biggest culprits, taking almost 40,000 gallons of water to produce (and some feel this could be a conservative estimate given the products in a car). Although it uses over 10,000 fewer gallons of water than a laptop, it is the second largest user of water by a big margin.

A must have everyday item, our smartphones are the next biggest culprits, using an average of 3400 water gallons to be produced. There are 6.64 billion people using smartphones in the world today, which would require 22.58 billion gallons of water to produce, this amount of water could fill a third of Windermere (the largest lake in England).

Some of our everyday fashion items are having a big impact on our environment. For example, a pair of leather shoes take 2133 gallons of water to produce, whereas our trusty blue jeans also use 2000 gallons of water.


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