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Sustainable Transport Forum 2021 drives the shift to fossil free transport

On 19 May, Scania is hosting the third Sustainable Transport Forum, this year as a live broadcast from Stockholm. The event brings together influential thought leaders and decision makers. Business leader, entrepreneur, philanthropist and early champion in the fight against global warming, Sir Richard Branson, is the keynote speaker.

Professor Johan Rockström, one of the world's leading researchers on sustainability issues and director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, will host the forum. Together with speakers and panellists representing governments, cities, international organisations and industry, he will lead a dynamic event featuring a panel with industry leaders, a showcase of action orientated sustainable transport initiatives and an in-depth keynote discussion.

In addition to Sir Richard Branson, speakers this year include internationally recognised names like Nigel Topping, the UK’s high level climate action champion, who is mobilising non state actors ahead of COP26, and Christiana Figueres, co-founder of Global Optimism and the driving force behind the Paris Agreement.

The transport sector accounts for a significant share of global CO2 emissions. With urbanisation and social and economic development, the need to transport people and goods increases. Not the least during the pandemic it has become clear that transport is the lifeblood of a functioning society and it is obvious that progress in the ecosystem of transport will contribute to reaching many of the sustainable development goals.

‘Scania has taken the decision to be an active leader in the shift towards sustainability within the transport industry. We can achieve this change together. To speed up the pace, we gather leaders and decision makers at the Sustainable Transport Forum to discuss and debate the shift to sustainable transport,’ said Christian Levin, Scania’s president and CEO.

The forum will focus on discussions about the collaboration now required across the transport ecosystem, as well as the policies needed to accelerate impactful change over the coming decade.

‘At Scania, we will continue to shape a world of mobility that is better for business, society and the environment. A year ago, we published science based carbon reduction targets as the first company in our sector. With our unwavering commitment we hope to inspire and challenge others within the broader ecosystem of transport to join us in our work to meet the Paris agreement target,’ Christian Levin added.


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