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Sustainable Fisheries Partnership and Purina launch new ‘matchmaking’ hub to protect ocean wildlife

Purina Europe and Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) launched the Bycatch Solutions Hub to connect seafood retailers and businesses that want to financially support projects to reduce ocean wildlife bycatch with organisations capable of implementing in the water solutions.

This web based platform was created by Purina and SFP to solve the challenge for companies to help protect endangered, threatened and protected (ETP) species in their seafood supply chains.

‘Companies want to help fix the bycatch problem, but they don’t know how or where to go to find solutions,’ said Kathryn Novak, biodiversity and nature director at SFP. ‘The hub serves as a matchmaking service to bring together interest, funding, and expertise to help reduce ocean wildlife bycatch. The hub has the ability to mobilise significant amounts of funding that will directly help protect hundreds of thousands of sharks, sea turtles, marine mammals, and seabirds from being harmed in fishing gear.’

Seafood Expo Global is a world leading seafood trade event. It highlights how the biggest barrier for retailers in addressing ocean wildlife bycatch is a lack of information on the work being done to reduce it and how they can participate in and support these efforts. The hub was explicitly designed to solve this problem and is establishing a new trend of industry led bycatch mitigation.

‘We wanted to launch the Bycatch Solutions Hub to kickstart collective action by the seafood industry to help protect ocean wildlife,’ said Nicola Bedding, raw materials buyer at Purina Europe. ‘The resources are available, but there are major barriers to finding and supporting practical, real life solutions. The hub can change this by providing a one stop source of information and a platform that brings like minded businesses together to make a bigger impact.’

Bycatch is the capture of non target species in fishing, such as sharks, marine mammals, sea turtles and seabirds, all ecologically important in ocean biodiversity. It is still occurring globally on a significant scale, despite an increase in the number of certified fisheries and improvement projects and significant public attention to this issue.

Among the Hub’s first ‘matches’ include a prominent regional US retailer with a pilot project (mahi) in Panama to reduce the bycatch of sharks and sea turtles. This funding is providing electronic monitoring systems to fishers to collect at sea data as they try different fishing techniques to reduce bycatch.

Another connection produced funding to purchase ropeless lobster traps for at sea trials to better protect whales from entanglement in pot and trap fisheries. This funding enables fishers to provide their expertise and feedback to improve and continue the innovation of this promising new gear.

Through the hub, retailers will also be able to obtain best practice solutions to ETP bycatch, including new innovations currently in testing. Updates on existing projects and their progress and data will drive the creation of new projects. The hub will establish a new dynamic community, including webinars, meetings and interactive events for participants to hear about new developments, share feedback and experiences, and learn from others.

The Bycatch Solutions Hub as part of its Protecting Ocean Wildlife campaign to help the seafood industry address bycatch and improve ocean biodiversity through action at all levels of the supply chain. This partnership forms part of Purina’s wider commitment to advance the regeneration of ocean ecosystems.


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