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Sundried releases pioneering biodegradable t-shirt

Sustainable #fashion is a major talking point currently and media outlets across the globe are headlining the importance of conscious consumerism and tackling the global plastic pollution crisis. Everyone is talking about eco friendly, organic, fair trade brands and the damage that 'fast fashion' is doing to our planet.

Shockingly, the fashion industry is the world's second largest pollutant behind only the oil industry. 

That is why #Sundried has worked hard to develop the world’s most eco friendly #t-shirt. The average person throws away approximately 70 pounds of used clothing per year so dressing consciously is a responsibility of everyone. The sustainable brand aims to tackle this problem with their new t-shirt made from Sundried's Eco Tech fabric that is #biodegradable.

‘We live in a disposable society where it is too easy to buy cheap clothing, wear it once or never at all, and dispose of it without a second thought of where it will end up or the resources that were drained to make it,’ explained Sundried CEO and founder Daniel Puddick. ‘Sundried’s new biodegradable t-shirt will help to change this dangerous linear economy which is not sustainable and help to promote a more circular economy. I want to leave the planet in a better state than how I found it and leave a sustainable legacy for my children so that they don’t have to fear for the future.’

In 2014, over 16 million tonnes of textile waste was generated. Of this amount, 10.46 million tonnes were sent to landfill where it will stay for centuries. The Sundried biodegradable t-shirt only takes three short years to fully biodegrade and return to nature.

Pioneering sustainable fashion like that being produced by Sundried is changing the way we consume clothing and the way the manufacturing of textiles affects the environment. The manufacturing technology used when making this t-shirt respects the environment from source to sale.


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