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Sun Chemical organises strategic committee to drive sustainability in packaging market

#SunChemical has organised a corporate sustainability committee to further strengthen its approach to addressing the sustainability needs of the #packaging industry.

The development of sustainable packaging solutions is not a new endeavour at Sun Chemical but has accelerated in the past ten years as awareness of environmental issues has dramatically increased, as has the demand for cutting and recycling household waste and reducing carbon emissions and other pollutants. Consequently, the company has organised a corporate sustainability committee to further strengthen its approach to addressing the sustainability needs of the packaging industry.

Comprised of eight executive leaders, including Myron Petruch, Carlo Musso, Chris Parrilli, Fernando Tavara, Robert Fitzka, Greg Hayes, Russell Schwartz, and Jim Van Horn, the committee will work to guarantee company wide engagement in sustainability initiatives and will build and oversee the company’s sustainability strategy, ensuring that proper resources are assigned for timely and effective implementation.

Nicolas Bétin will assume the role of sustainability business leader for all of Sun Chemical and Dr Nikola Juhasz will become the technical director of sustainability.

Other stakeholders across all divisions and regions at Sun Chemical will also play a key role in a structured approach that will further advance the company’s efforts for more sustainable technologies within the various packaging markets.

Driving many of the groups’ activities, are the sustainability goals of consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. Increasingly, CPGs are setting ambitious sustainability targets for their organisations with goals of providing high levels of recyclable or renewable packaging as early as 2025, while reducing their use of plastics in packaging. These goals resonate with consumers and will drive Sun Chemical’s product development.

‘Sustainability remains at the forefront for the future of packaging and while Sun Chemical has already established significant leadership in developing sustainable inks, coatings, and adhesives for packaging, there is more we can do,’ said Myron Petruch, president and CEO, Sun Chemical. ‘That is why we have created the Corporate Sustainability Committee — to ensure we have a structured process in place that puts our sustainability efforts at the forefront of all our business processes. Our emphasis on sustainability continues to be fundamental to our innovation and product development and our approach to sustainability will guide the way we develop, manufacture and distribute our products, as well as how we work with our customers and suppliers.’

To learn more about Sun Chemical’s approach to sustainability and how the company has recently aligned its sustainability goals with that of the United Nations’ ‘Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,’ visit www.sunchemical.com/sustainability.