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Success for Global Recycling Day

#GlobalRecyclingDay 2019 was celebrated around the world, and in London’s Carnaby Street, to highlight the importance of recycling for the future of the planet. The initiative, from the Global Recycling Foundation, is dedicated to making the world think resource not waste. This year’s event focused on ‘Recycling into the Future’ and centred on the power of youth, education and innovation in ensuring a brighter future across the globe.

The Global Recycling Foundation worked with Shaftesbury plc to host the #RecyclingGoals challenge. Local businesses, schools and consumers in this world famous destination were invited to take part in the challenge and make their recycling promises to help preserve the planet.

In attendance at the UK flagship event, on Carnaby Street in London, was the founding president of the Global Recycling Foundation, Ranjit Baxi, and Simon Quayle, director at Shaftesbury plc as well as Taekwondo World Champion, Samira El Idrissi.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove said, ‘I am delighted to support Global Recycling Day. We know that people want to play their part and recycle more.

‘That is why we are consulting on a Deposit Return Scheme to drive up the recycling of cans and bottles, as well as consistent kerbside collections to end the confusion over household recycling.

‘Global Recycling Day is a reminder of the difference we can all make to protect our environment, and I encourage everyone to get involved and recycle as much as we can.’

Ranjit Baxi, founding president of Global Recycling Foundation, said: ‘I am proud to be spreading the message about Global Recycling Day with the support from Shaftesbury plc today. Recycling is our powerful Seventh Resource and we must recognise its importance to the future of the planet, ensuring that we all do our bit to contribute to a circular economy. I hope by raising awareness today, we can make long term changes to the benefit of our children and our children’s children.’

Simon Quayle, director at Shaftesbury plc, said: ‘We are delighted to support this brilliant campaign and to help raise awareness of this crucial cause. As a retail and leisure destination, we are committed to finding ways to improve our sustainability and environmental processes. This fun activation is a great away to engage with our shoppers, diners, visitors, locals and tenants.’


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