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Stuart delivers substantial progress on sustainability commitments

Stuart, one of Europe's leading sustainable last mile delivery platforms, has released its 2023 Sustainability Report, highlighting its work towards reducing its environmental impact and on responsible corporate initiatives. The report also highlights Stuart's commitment to building tech logistics for a sustainable world.


‘In a challenging economic climate, we have continued to make solid progress towards our ambitious sustainability goals,’ said Cornelia Raportaru, CEO. ‘Our work in 2023 demonstrates our pragmatic yet impactful approach towards delivering emissions reductions while investing in innovative solutions for long-term growth and support our partners’ needs.’


Key highlights from the sustainability report include:


Environmental impact

17% reduction in emissions per package delivered via routing optimisations and electric vehicle use.

Over 44% increase in low emission vehicle (LEV) deliveries enabled on the platform.

17% of active independent couriers transitioned to LEVs through targeted transition schemes.


Sustainable innovation

Launched exclusive LEV delivery options for clients in select cities.

Tested circular delivery models and zero waste solutions.

Conducted extensive consumer research showing over 50% value sustainable delivery.


Social responsibility

Paid out over €1 million in insurance coverage for UK independent couriers.

Engaged with city authorities on initiatives like noise reduction and congestion alleviation.

Implemented global initiatives focused on independent courier welfare, diversity, equality and inclusion, and upskilling employees.



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