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Stelvin goes greener on the eve of its 60 year anniversary

Amcor Capsules, a global leader in developing and producing responsible closures for wine and spirits, has improved the sustainability performance of its Stelvin aluminium screwcap range by reducing its carbon footprint by up to 35%.

The production of a Stelvin screwcap now emits up to 35% less carbon emissions compared to a standard screwcap produced with European aluminium sheets. This is made possible thanks to the introduction of up to 46% recycled aluminium and the careful selection of low carbon primary aluminium which are certified and independently verified in the manufacturing process. This reduction applies immediately to Stelvin and all 30H60 screw caps produced in Europe, North America and South America for wine and spirits brands.

Brands can also go further in their sustainability journey and select PVDC4 free liner named Stelvin Inside.

The improvements are immediately available to customers worldwide. This greener version of the screw cap is part of Amcor Capsules’ Transparence programme – a sustainability programme of continuous improvement that aims to support the wine and spirits industry that was launched in July 2023.

Yannick Magnon, general manager of Amcor Capsules, said: ‘We were the market pioneers in 1964 with the launch of the first screw cap for wine. Since then, Stelvin has been recognised and praised by winemakers worldwide as setting the standard for quality and as one of the most sustainable capping solutions in the industry. We always aim for the best for our customers, and we wanted to go further to help them achieve their own sustainability goals.’


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