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Spectacular outdoor exhibition at Pater Noster – a tribute to the sea

During this summer, a spectacular photo exhibition will be shown at the award winning, remote lighthouse island, Pater Noster, in the archipelago of Gothenburg. The outdoor exhibition ‘Guardian of water’ is a tribute to the sea, with photographs by world famous photographers Christy Lee Rogers and Zena Holloway.

‘The award winning photographers shoot underwater to create weightless images. When the photographs are shown in their right element, on the windswept island at the end of Gothenburg's archipelago, it tickles all our senses in an almost magical way,’ said Mirja Hagsjö, CEO of Pater Noster.

Photographers Zena Holloway from Great Britain and Christy Lee Rogers from Hawaii have attracted international attention with their artistic images taken underwater. They both are very involved in environmental issues and the health of the world's oceans.

The exhibition is a tribute to all the oceans on earth and consists of 18 world class photographs, printed on recycled alumiinum and in recycled wood frames.

‘The exhibition is part of our work to increase knowledge about our oceans and the life that exists there. At Pater Noster, we want visitors to leave the island with greater knowledge and humility about what our seas have to offer. And we hope that the exhibition will contribute to that,’ said Mirja Hagsjö.

In the island's smallest building – the lighthouse keeper's outhouse – an art gallery has been created, where, in addition to the larger exhibition, five works by Lara Zankoul from Beirut are shown. Her work captures everyday human behavioru and issues that arise within society through photographic media. She has participated in exhibitions at Ayyam Gallery and Art Lounge in Beirut, at Guy Hepner Gallery in New York and HEIST Gallery in London.

Pater Noster is an attractive excursion destination for the public during the summers. The exhibition will be open to all visitors between June 2 and August 30.

The legendary lighthouse, and the solitary lighthouse keeper's residence, is one of the world's foremost design hotels, that has won several awards such as the World's Best Hotel Concept 2021 and the Stora Turismpriset 2022.

The photographers In addition to her art project, Zena Holloway’s has worked for the British BBC and National Geographic among other things. Her imagery has been published widely across international campaigns and editorial features such as Paris Match, The Sunday Times, Nike, English National Opera and Pepsi. Her work continues to be collected by institutions and private individuals.

Sisters of serenity Zena Holloway.

Christy Lee Rogers’ works have been exhibited globally from Paris, London, Italy, Mexico City to Shanghai, Sao Paulo, South Africa, Los Angeles and more, and are held in private and public collections throughout the world. She has been featured in International Magazines, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar Art China, Elle Decoration, Global Times.

Harmony Christy Lee Rogers.

Lara Zankoul from Beirut captures everyday human behaviour and issues that arise within society, through photographic media. She has participated in exhibitions at Ayyam Gallery and Art Lounge in Beirut, at Guy Hepner Gallery in New York and Heist Gallery in London.

The Zoo Lara Zankoul.


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