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Simplifying through objective sustainability reviews

Many companies are flooded with questions and surveys from their customers and suppliers about sustainability. When premium paperboard manufacturer Holmen Iggesund discovered EcoVadis, it saw an opportunity to simplify reviews and increase transparency around sustainability.

EcoVadis is a fast growing web based platform where customers and suppliers can exchange sustainability information. Those who report on the platform must answer around 250 questions on the environment, working conditions, business ethics and procurement. All answers must be substantiated with the relevant documents and answers are third party reviewed and evaluated.

‘Holmen Iggesund has been reporting on EcoVadis’ system for over five years and the platform increases transparency through an easier way to exchange sustainability information between companies. Today, over 50 customers and suppliers can see in detail how our sustainability is ranked by third party auditors, and this has simplified our daily work,’ explained Johan Granås, sustainability director at Holmen Iggesund.

This year, Holmen Iggesund's two mills, in Iggesund, Sweden and Workington, UK, have again been awarded the highest level, Platinum, which means that they belong to the very highest percentile of all audited companies.

‘Of course, it is satisfying to maintain this level. It is important that we constantly improve because we see so many challenges for society related to the environment and sustainability, not just the climate. We are extra proud to be a heavy manufacturing industry with this high rating. When we are compared to other companies, this also includes banks, insurance companies and consulting companies with significantly lower direct environmental impacts than us,’ emphasised Johan.

In addition to the customers who have ongoing access to the platform, it is possible to export reports in varying degrees of detail that can be used for questions from other stakeholders. The system is not only used to share sustainability information – in the Holmen Group it is also used to collect sustainability information with the intention of evaluating suppliers.

‘Our work with the EcoVadis survey is not just a service to customers and partners. It also provides a regular check of the status of our sustainability agenda and gives us ideas on how we should prioritise sustainability work in the future,’ concluded Johan.


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