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SCA to build new wind farm and increases the degree of self-sufficiency in electricity

SCA is increasing its degree of self-sufficiency in electricity for its own industry by acquiring Fasikan Vind AB, a wind power project located on SCA's land in the Bräcke municipality of Jämtland County. The seller is Arise AB.

The acquisition is in line with SCA's wind power strategy, which includes leasing land to wind power operators, operating own wind farms, and project development for own operation or for sale.

Construction of the wind farm will begin in November 2023 and is planned to be operational at the beginning of 2026. The wind farm will consist of 15 turbines with a total installed capacity of 105 MW. Together with SCA's current electricity production, the additional production of 333 GWh from the acquisition will make SCA completely self-sufficient in electricity. The total investment is expected to amount to SEK1.7 billion.

SCA also strengthens its ambition in project development by signing a separate agreement with Arise regarding joint project development for six designated land areas over the next 10 year period.


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