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Save ‘big’ with a Chimney Sheep during Big Energy Savings Week

Consumers can make big energy savings with a #ChimneySheep.

A Chimney Sheep is a removable chimney #draught #excluder made with a thick layer of felted Herdwick #wool. Using the simple tool blocks 93% of airflow out of a chimney and cuts down heating bills by 5% on average. Using a Chimney Sheep is a simple way consumers can make their homes more energy efficient – a key goal of the national #Big #Energy #Savings Week campaign (running from 20 to 26 January). 

Due to the properties of Herdwick wool, The Chimney Sheep is highly durable and naturally breathable making it perfect to plug the gap just above a fireplace. Once inserted, it acts like a duvet, blocking airflow into and out of the chimney, whilst naturally permitting sufficient ventilation; the product works to prevent warm air from escaping up the chimney and stopping cold air coming in via the chimney when not in use, reducing the ‘stack effect’ phenomenon. Each product has a clamp and handle attached to it which makes it easy and convenient to insert and remove.

Research conducted by The University of Liverpool, BSRIA and BBA has found that by using The Chimney Sheep over a year, consumers will stop around 4.5% of household heat from escaping, save around 250 kg of carbon dioxide per year and save around £50 off the heating bill per year per chimney, working to reduce energy bills going into winter. 

The draught excluder is eco friendly in both its function and production. Made with Herdwick wool that is sourced from farmers around Cumbria, Chimney Sheep Ltd has worked to make use of the local material. This ensures that the chimney draught excluder is sustainable to make whilst also limiting its impact on the environment throughout the production process. The innovative tool is the only chimney draught excluder on the market to hold a prestigious BBA Agrément Certificate, which provides industry reassurance of the product's fitness for purpose. 

The Chimney Sheep is available to buy at Amazon. The product comes in a range of shapes and sizes to fit a variety of chimneys and start from £16. If contacted directly, Chimney Sheep is able to make made to measure versions.


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