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Report on opportunity to be released at Climate Restoration Event at the World Economic Forum

#ThunderbirdSchool of Global Management at #ArizonaStateUniversity (ASU) and the #FoundationforClimateRestoration will host a high level event on #climate restoration innovations, investments, and solutions, tomorrow (Tuesday 21 January). A new market report to be released by Thunderbird will show a multi-trillion dollar market opportunity for investors and corporations over the next decade.   

Climate restoration is the global movement to remove the trillion tonnes of excess #CO2 from the atmosphere to restore our air to preindustrial levels of carbon dioxide and to preserve the #Arctic ice. Given the climate emergency, climate restoration is a critical third pillar of climate action, complementing ongoing mitigation and adaptation efforts. New technologies and natural solutions for reducing CO2 levels in the next 30 years already exist and the costs for global scale implementation are projected to be less than one to three percent of the global annual GDP.

Global leaders from governments, the private sector, and researchers will provide updates on the latest research and opportunities to deploy climate restoration solutions and technologies designed to restore the climate. The presenters will make meaningful announcements about the future of our climate, including: 

Dean Sanjeev Khagram from Thunderbird School of Global Management will present his market report on the $1 to 10 trillion market opportunity for climate restoration solutions. The report identifies how businesses and VCs can access this untapped market in order to support and benefit from the newest innovations in climate restoration solutions.

Dr Leslie Field from Ice911 Research will present her patented solutions for preserving and rebuilding the Arctic ice and announce approval for a sea ice demonstration in the Hudson Bay area. 

A new partnership between Blue Planet, a company creating limestone aggregate for carbon negative concrete, and the Kamine Development Corporation (KDC) to scale their product globally to create carbon negative building materials.

Thunderbird School of Global Management, the Foundation for Climate Restoration, the Ocean-Climate Trust, Ice911 Research and others will announce the launch of the ‘Global Climate Restoration Task Force’ whose mission will be to accelerate the deployment of solutions supported by favourable policies, regulations, and financing mechanisms. 


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