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Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI) publishes comic strip to introduce renewable carbon to all

Nora and her FlyPhone, BioBTX, Stahl and nova-Institute have found a novel way to explain the renewable carbon concept in new formats.

Launched in September 2020, the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI) is firing up a flurry of activities, all with two goals: first, to raise awareness of the renewable carbon concept and to anchor it in the political discourse. Secondly, to create new value and supply chains based on renewable carbon, ie bio based, CO2 based and recycled carbon sources that have one thing in common: abandonment of fossil carbon.

In the comic ‘Nora and her FlyPhone on Renewable Carbon’, the concept is vividly illustrated in just a few pictures. The format works perfectly for traditional and social media and resonates with business and public networks.

For all those who want to know more, there is now a glossary of important terms of the renewable carbon concept on the initiative's website (

A deep dive into the business side offer videos, soon to be published on YouTube. Here, chemical recycling SME BioBTX (The Netherlands) speciality chemicals leader Stahl (The Netherlands) and private research institute nova-Institute (Germany) give insight into the strategies of the RCI members. The interviews are the first in a series that will allow each member to present their unique take on the matter.

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