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Releaf Paper introduces three down to earth eco friendly innovations

Releaf Paper has introduced a trio of innovative products that bridge sustainability, functionality and style in packaging. These additions to the portfolio employ an innovative patented technology to transform fallen leaves into eco friendly alternatives and offer a green ready to buy solution for small and medium businesses while maintaining functionality and elegance.


‘We are thrilled to kick off 2024 with the introduction of these new eco friendly products, setting the tone for a year of innovation and sustainable choices at Releaf Paper. Make a green 2024 resolution, and unveil the pinnacle of sustainability with our ec -friendly notebook, expertly crafted from fallen leaves. This exceptional creation not only exemplifies innovation with its cutting edge sustainable technology but also stands as a universal solution for those embracing a sustainable lifestyle, marrying functionality with environmental consciousness. As we proudly unveil the Releaf Self-Assembled Box, the Releaf Paper Notebook, and the eco friendly Releaf Wrapping Paper, we are also excited to share that we are actively building our pilot production line. This year promises to be a journey of continuous improvement and customer centric product development, ensuring that every Releaf Paper offering aligns seamlessly with your values and exceeds expectations,’ said Alexander Sobolenko, CEO and co-founder of Releaf Paper.




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