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Reading FC kicks off new season with InstaVolt rapid EV chargers at stadium

Reading FC has activated eight ultra rapid electric vehicle chargers at its Select Car Leasing Stadium. The Royals are now part of the UK’s largest open public EV network provided by operator InstaVolt, which has more than 1300 rapid chargers across the country.

The ultra rapid EV charging hub, which is located just off the M4 motorway, is switched on and ready to use, serving EV drivers travelling between the southwest and London. The charging site provides drivers with charging speeds of up to 160 kW, meaning drivers can top up quickly before continuing their journey. The addition of InstaVolt chargers at the Select Car Leasing stadium offers customers a quick and easy option to recharge their EVs while enjoying amenities at Reading Gate Retail Park, which is just a short walk away.

Tim Kilpatrick, head of commercial at Reading FC, said: ‘Working with InstaVolt, the UK’s leading EV rapid charger provider, is one of a number of exciting innovations we are involved in as we aim to increase our commitment to improving the environment.’

He added, ‘We know there is work to be done to become more sustainable, to play our part and to lead the way when it comes to setting the right example and making practical, positive differences to the way we operate. We take our responsibilities as a football club very seriously and I believe we can make an important contribution to making all our lives more sustainable.’

With plans to have a network of 10,000 rapid chargers by 2030, InstaVolt is currently installing at a faster rate than any other charge point operator. CEO, Adrian Keen, said: ‘Football clubs are central to the communities they serve, and we are thrilled at being able to provide the Royals with eight ultra rapid chargers that can be used by the public.

‘With class leading reliability of more than 99.9% and eight chargers on-site EV drivers can be confident that when they arrive at the Select Car Leasing Stadium, they will find an easy to use charger, with nearby driver amenities.’

He added, ‘With an extensive, fully nationwide network, EV drivers are never far away from an InstaVolt rapid charger. When embarking on a long journey, just a little bit of route planning in advance using search engines or a dedicated App for charging points like ZapMap or InstaVolt’s own App, makes life easier. And while you recharge your EV, recharge yourself: stretch your legs and enjoy a coffee or bite to eat from one of our nearby partners.’

Reading based vehicle lease specialist Select Car Leasing is the principal partner of Reading FC and sponsor of the stadium itself. And Mark Tongue, joint CEO at Select, says the company shares InstaVolt’s vision of making electric vehicle ownership as convenient and affordable as possible.

He commented, ‘I am delighted to see InstaVolt’s new public rapid chargers being unveiled at the Select Car Leasing Stadium. The installation mirrors our own goal of driving down the cost of electric vehicle ownership for our customers, while also ensuring that driving an EV is as convenient and enjoyable as it is environmentally sustainable.

‘Here at Select we have seen huge growth in customers choosing electric vehicles, with leasing being the perfect way to begin the journey to a more sustainable mobility solution. And with more EVs on the road, the need for ultra rapid chargers – like those offered by InstaVolt – are invaluable when you need a spot to stop and recharge.’

For Reading FC, which plays in League One of the English Football League, installing EV chargers is one of a range of initiatives underlining its commitment to sustainability.

The most famous is its partnership with the University of Reading to deliver a 10 point plan to begin reducing the club’s carbon footprint, including investigating solar panel options at its stadium, and supporting fans to recycle more on matchdays.

InstaVolt’s chargers are powered using 100% renewable energy, easy to use and take contactless payment: there is no need to sign up and no subscription required.

Drivers can visit the website, or sign up to the optional InstaVolt App, where they can find their nearest charging station, search for real time availability across its sites, and pay for their charge – all in one place.


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