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Pollards builds sustainability into the design process

#Pollard Group has created a ‘sustainability checklist’ to help customers maximise the eco benefits of their #packaging solutions while still achieving functionality and aesthetic appeal.

#Cardboard already has a strong environmental profile, thanks to its incorporation of recycled material and its recyclability. To support this further, the Pollard checklist will also take into account decoration and finishing options and examine opportunities to lessen any impact these may have at a pack’s end of life.

Structural design considerations will seek to maximise the strength and durability of the box with the minimal use of material, and at the same time ensure it retains full user convenience and practicality.

Pollard’s UK base and the lighter weight cardboard packs will also minimise the impact of transportation to help companies reduce their overall carbon emissions.

‘In the current focus on the environmental impact of all packaging, it is important to remember packaging’s prime requirements to protect, preserve and promote products,’ said Pollard Group commercial director Peter Conner.

‘Our sustainability checklist will enable us to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of our box designs while creating solutions that reflect a luxury, premium image and ensure products reach the end consumer in prime condition.’


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