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PCS swaps disposable for reusable

Following a suggestion by a member of staff to reduce the amount of single use plastics in the workplace, and in a bid to encourage the health and wellbeing of its employees, Macclesfield based Plastic Card Services (#PCS) has provided all staff with #reusable and eco friendly #water bottles.

Adam Unsworth, managing director of PCS, commented: ‘Our staff are our most important asset, without them we wouldn’t be where we are today. Their input is invaluable, which is why we operate an open door policy and reward individuals who put forward viable business improvement ideas or initiatives.

‘When our print operator Jonny Thompson suggested that we replace our disposable plastic cups with PCS branded water bottles to save on single use plastic, it was immediately clear to us that the benefits didn’t stop there. Not only would we be improving our green practices and saving costs, but it would also assist the health and wellbeing of our staff by encouraging hydration.’

PCS is committed to greener practices and believes that no matter how big or small a change is, collectively we can all make a difference. The durable water bottles provided for everyone can be topped up from several water coolers situated around the businesses manufacturing campus and are BPA free, as well as being recyclable when they do reach the end of their lifespan.

Other initiatives have been set in place by PCS to minimise the impact that its manufacturing business has on the environment including #recycling residual heat #energy methodology where machine processing heat is reused to heat the building, reducing the daily heating in winter from 16 hours to four hours. All plastic waste is collected and recycled so it can then be converted into other products such as window frames, as well as recycling waste paper, card and metal as standard.

Adam added, ‘As part of our efforts for more responsible business practices, we actively encourage our customers to buy eco which is why we offer a choice for cards to be produced using an eco-degradable substrate in addition to our standard PVC which is also fully recyclable.’


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