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Oxwash commits to be net zero by 2023 in conjunction with Tech Zero

Oxwash, the leading on-demand laundry service provider, has announced that it is aiming for net zero carbon emissions by 2023, in line with the UK government’s ambition to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Dr Kyle Grant, ex NASA scientist, founded Oxwash in 2018. His aim was simple, to disrupt the laundry industry by creating a convenient service for businesses and individuals that doesn’t destroy the planet.

Oxwash is one of 32 scale ups and start ups selected by Tech Nation and 40 specialists, including climate specialists, investors and senior representatives from companies such as Google, National Grid, Sky Ocean, Bulb and B Corp.

Net Zero is a six month programme aimed at accelerating the growth of the UK's most exceptional climate tech scale ups. Joining forces with a number of innovative UK tech companies, Oxwash has committed to the programme to achieve the sector set target of net zero carbon emissions. Founding members of the taskforce included Bulb, Vodafone and Money Supermarket.

‘Our biggest barrier to achieving carbon neutrality with our laundry operations is the natural gas we burn in our tumble dryers. The price of electricity combined with the time taken to dry large quantities of textiles using electricity makes this a prohibitively expensive option. We are working on several patented inventions to improve the efficiency of electrical drying to allow us to make the important jump from gas to renewable electricity as our primary heat source,’ said the company’s Tom de Wilton.

As part of the initiative, Oxwash will be raising investment to further develop its IoT connected lagoons, maximising efficiencies in the washing processes to save water and CO2.


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