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Over three quarters of consumers believe the gifting season leads to ‘wasteful behaviour’

For the second year, metal packaging company Eviosys has commissioned a Europe wide survey to ascertain consumers sentiment towards packaging. After 12 months of accelerated transformation putting sustainability first, the company surveyed 2000 Europeans in the UK, France, Germany and Spain to get the latest information on consumer priorities in this time of economic uncertainty, especially with the festive season upon us. 


The recent survey conducted by Eviosys reveals compelling data that underlines the increasing importance consumers place on packaging when making purchasing decisions. Notably, 87% of people think that the gifting season leads to wasteful behaviour and 48% of respondents acknowledged that they often consider packaging materials when buying a product, highlighting a heightened awareness of the environmental impact of packaging materials.

The frustration with the prevalence of plastic in supermarkets is palpable, with 59% expressing discontent. This discontent from consumers has been translated into tangible action, as 57% of consumers said they would be willing to pay more for products housed in sustainable packaging. Notably, 63% of respondents perceive metal as a more sustainable option than plastic. This continued shift on consumer mindset towards metal means the industry has an opportunity to capitalise and make a tangible positive change to the packaging market.


The survey also highlights the strong appeal of metal packaging, particularly its infinitely recyclable nature. An impressive 82% of respondents said that they would be more likely to purchase a product in metal packaging, given its recyclability. 


As environmental concerns continue to rise, 66% of respondents feel that companies are not doing enough to tackle plastic pollution. In contrast, 61% view companies adopting metal packaging as taking a crucial step toward sustainability. With more than half of Europeans citing the cost of living as their primary concern (56%), 78% acknowledge that cost would influence their decision to purchase a gift item.


In the realm of gifting, 48% of consumers express that the ability to reuse or refill the product would influence their decision, even outweighing considerations of luxury or design.


Metal being versatile and durable, 94% of respondents already reuse their gift tins, with popular choices including storing decorations (51%), storing food (47%), storing jewellery (38%), and as a base for DIY projects (26%).


While glass remains an essential element for premium packaging for 42% of respondents, metal closely follows at 38% highlighting that it is a strong preference for consumers shopping around in the festive season. Additionally, 43% consider printed design the most important element of luxury packaging, while 32% prioritise colourful packaging.


Laetitia Durafour, marketing director, Eviosys, said: ‘Eviosys stands firm in our mission to help brands address consumers expectations by spearheading sustainable, recyclable metal packaging solutions. We are not merely witnessing a shift in consumer preferences; we are actively shaping a future where responsible choices define our packaging landscape, reflecting the growing commitment toward a more eco conscious society.’



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