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Optima and Voith partnership for sustainable paper packaging

At the end of 2020, the Optima Group entered a development partnership with technology group Voith. The objective of this alliance is to develop sustainable paper packaging solutions. It is the first time that two companies from different phases in the supply chain will be working together on developing environmentally compatible alternatives to plastic packaging.

The Voith Group has been operating a systematic sustainability management system for many years and provides information about its successes in a sustainability report. Through its continuous innovative strength, the group division Voith Paper enables resource conserving paper production and supports customers in reducing their water, fibres and energy consumption.

‘Voith and Optima have similar corporate DNA, and we are convinced that greater sustainability can often only be achieved through collaborations across the entire supply chain,’ said Dominik Broellochs, group sustainability manager at Optima.

‘Optima has valuable experience in a very wide range of packaging solutions including paper packaging. Voith is able to complement this through our extensive technical expertise and decades of experience in all areas of the paper production process,’ said Johann Moser, senior vice president strategic technology at Voith Paper. ‘Optima is an important strategic partner for the development of new papermachine sections and to produce highly formable packaging base papers.’

The interdisciplinary teams established in both companies are working together on new solutions. In this context, they will also look closely at product groups that until now have been considered unsuitable or not feasible for paper packaging.

The two partners are working together to find the best solutions for the future. ‘In many areas, we see untapped potential for paper packaging and are looking forward to the close collaboration with Voith,’ said Dominik Broellochs.

Johann Moser, Voith Paper, and Dominik Broellochs, Optima.


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