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Normative releases guide helping enterprises reduce value chain carbon emissions

To support enterprises in reducing their value chain emissions, Normative has released a free guide ‘Enterprise Value Chain Carbon Emission Reduction: Six building blocks to measure and reduce value chain carbon emissions’. The guide helps big businesses get started measuring and reducing their emissions to stay compliant with current legislation and stay competitive in the market.

Large corporations are responsible for the majority of business emissions, however when these large corporations analyse their greenhouse gas emissions they often find that most of their emissions originate from their value chains; a 2020 CDP report stated that 92% of an average company’s emissions originate in the value chain.

A company’s value chain includes both upstream emissions from the supply chain – the smaller businesses that provide the services, products, and resources that go into the company’s end products – as well as downstream emissions from product use and disposal.

‘We know that many businesses want to do the right thing and reduce their carbon emissions. Value chain emissions are extremely complex to measure and reduce, but businesses that manage it will see the greatest overall impact on carbon reduction. With this guide, we want to make carbon accounting accessible to enterprises worldwide,’ explained Kristian Rönn, CEO and co-founder of Normative, the carbon accounting engine.

The guide provides a roadmap for businesses to engage their value chains in carbon reduction, with a focus on practicality and pragmatism.

Normative is a leading emission accounting engine, helping businesses calculate their entire climate footprint and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. It sets a new standard in scientific accuracy in emissions accountancy, powered by its market leading emissions database. The company has hundreds of customers, and partners with leading climate change organisations including the UN, to deliver actionable sustainability intelligence. Normative is also the software provider for the UK’s SME Climate Hub through which thousands of small businesses have committed to net zero.

‘We created this guide to support enterprises with engaging their value chains and taking action. When they do so, they are not only helping fight climate change – they are avoiding greenwashing, keeping themselves compliant, and staying competitive on the market,’ Kristian Rönn concluded.

Download the guide here.

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