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New mobile charging solution for on the go

Heidelberg has added a mobile charging station to its portfolio of e-mobility solutions. Under the Amperfied brand, the new Charger compact.lite can be used to charge electric and hybrid vehicles throughout Europe at blue CEE 16A sockets (so called ‘camping plugs’), and can do so faster than using an emergency charging cable connected to a household socket. An additionally available wall mount transforms the mobile charging station into a compact wallbox for charging at home.

‘With the Charger compact.lite, Amperfied is expanding its range with an extremely compact and flexible solution for charging on the road and at home,’ said Ulrich Grimm, technical managing director of Amperfied GmbH. ‘It enables us to cover even more fields of application in a dynamically developing market environment.’

The German made Amperfied Charger compact.lite is equipped with a six metre Type 2 charging cable. It enables one phase charging with up to 16 A, which corresponds to a charging power of up to 3.7 kW. Compared to the emergency charging cable with a Schuko plug on a standard household 230 V socket, the Charger compact.lite is significantly faster: if an electric car with a 50 kWh battery needs almost 22 hours at a Schuko socket, the charging time at the Charger compact.lite is reduced to 13.5 hours. An LED integrated in the housing always shows the current charging status. The charging process runs automatically and is terminated as soon as the battery is fully charged or has reached the charge level defined in the vehicle settings. While a conventional wallbox requires a three phase connection (heavy current), the Charger compact.lite uses a blue CEE 16 A/230 V connection – no further installation necessary. There is also no need for further configuration of amperage or charging power.

With the Wallmount Compact, which is available as an accessory, the Charger compact.lite can be quickly and easily mounted on a wall in an underground garage or outdoors. The charging station can be easily inserted into and removed from the wall mount. By combining the Charger compact.lite with the Wallmount Compact, the mobile charging station becomes a wallbox solution. Optionally, the Wallmount Compact protects the Charger compact.lite from theft with a padlock.


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