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New children's book, ‘Our Hidden Powers’, empowers kids to explore renewable energy

Baseload Capitals has announced the release of ‘Our Hidden Powers’, a children's book that empowers kids to explore their hidden talents and abilities through the lens of renewable energy. Authored by Baseload Capitals’ team members Kristina Hagström-Ilievska and Gabriella Skog, ‘Our Hidden Powers’ introduces children to energy that is good for the planet, while inspiring them to discover their own strengths.

The book aims to raise awareness about geothermal energy and its potential as a sustainable power source together with the other renewables.

‘Our Hidden Powers’ not only highlights the importance of geothermal energy, but also emphasises the significance of collaboration between different renewable energy industries to combat climate change. In today’s world, it is essential to work together towards a sustainable future, and this book inspires children to do their part by tapping into their strengths and contributing to a greener planet.

The book follows Ignis and her friends Sunny, Windy, Kai, and Terry as they explore geothermal energy and learn how collaboration between renewables can help save our planet. Through their adventures, children will discover how they too can tap into their hidden powers and contribute to a sustainable future.

‘Discovering and unlocking our hidden powers can be the spark that ignites our greatest potential and fuels our journey towards a better world. The purpose of the book is to introduce energy that is good for the planet to our children,’ said Kristina Hagström-Ilievska, CMO at Baseload Capital.

‘Climate anxiety is widespread both among adults and children. We wanted to write a book that talks about the advantages of renewable energy in lighthearted and fun filled way, creating meaningful memories and discussions between children and the adults in their lives,’ said Gabriella Skog, geologist at Baseload Capital

‘Our Hidden Powers’ is a fun and engaging way to teach children about renewable energy, and it's already receiving support from major companies and organisations within the industry. Ambassadors and supporters of the book so far are Geothermal Rising, Chevron New Energies, Egg Geo, XGS Energy, Expro, Gullspång Invest, EGEC Geothermal, International Geothermal Association, Criterion Energy Partners and Svenskt Geoenergicentrum.

You can purchase the book and become an ambassador by visiting the book's website at:


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