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Mobile Power signs battery recycling partnership with Hinckley E-waste Recycling in Nigeria

UK based Mobile Power has announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Hinckley E-waste Recycling to facilitate the recycling of its batteries utilised at its solar powered battery rental hubs in Nigeria.  


Mobile Power currently conducts six million annual battery rentals across Africa. The new agreement delivers a closed loop system that addresses the growing challenge of electronic waste and creates a more resilient and environmentally friendly battery industry. 


CEO Chris Longbottom said, ‘Whilst our focus is on the supply of battery energy services to individuals and businesses in Africa, we are equally aware of the crucial need to recycle our batteries to mitigate pollution, conserve resources, and ultimately cultivate a healthier planet for future generations. We are therefore delighted to be working with e-waste recycler, Hinckley E-waste Recycling, to create a ‘closed loop’ with Mobile Power battery recycling built into our service. By tackling energy hurdles through battery solutions and partnering with a distinguished leader in recycling, we look forward to fostering positive socio-economic changes throughout Nigeria as we execute our battery rental model.’


Hinckley will provide the process and procedures to ship depleted batteries under the Basel Convention to be recycled at Accurec, a leading battery recycling company based in Mülheim, Germany. 


Developed in Sheffield, Mobile Power’s product portfolio includes the larger MopoMax battery, which can be used to replace small petrol generators (0-4kVA) and as a battery swap for e-motorbike taxis; and the smaller Mopo50, which provides basic household energy for lighting, phone charging and direct current (DC) appliances.



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