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Mayors from cities worldwide Gather at ChangeNow 2023

ChangeNow will return to Paris from 25 to 27 May 2023 for its sixth edition. The three day summit will bring together over 35,000 of the world’s leading policy makers, entrepreneurs, investors, companies, NGOs and citizens to address pressing issues around climate, resources, biodiversity and inclusion.

This year will see a record breaking number of mayors from cities all over the world join ChangeNow as part of the Sustainable Cities Programme. More than 30 mayors are confirmed to attend to share experiences on topics ranging from urban resilience to the circular economy and connect with the start up ecosystem to identify tailored sustainable solutions for their cities.

Confirmed participating cities include Paris, Dublin, Brussels, Lahti, Budapest, Essen, Suresnes, Grenoble, Bordeaux, Rome, Porto Novo, Muhanga District, Nicosia, Rubavu District, Terrebonne, Carthage, Villeurbanne, Chefchaouen, Quelimane, Nicosia, Rzeszów, Torino, and Kingston.

Some 400 speakers will take the stage to discuss how to make change happen, now. The list will include Kate Williams, CEO of 1% for the Planet; Matthieu Ricard, founder of Karuna-Shechen; Omnia El Omrani, COP27 president youth envoy; Sandrine Dixson-Declève, co-president of the Club of Rome; Kate Raworth, economist at the Doughnut Economics Action Lab; Benoit Bazin, CEO of Saint-Gobain; Vaitea Cowan, co-founder and head of communications of Enapter; and Adenike Oladosu, climate and water activist.

Topics will include:

Biodiversity: Implementing the global biodiversity framework reached at COP15 and exploring ways it can be applied at the corporate level as well as from a conservation standpoint, including the critical role of Indigenous community based solutions.

Planetary boundaries: Moving away from a CO2 only approach. Which new models, economies and societies should we develop to drive systemic change?

Sufficiency: Earth’s finite resources cannot keep on providing the amount we are currently using. How can we use fewer resources to respect what the planet is able to provide?

New narratives: It all starts with inspiring people. How do we turn this inspiration into transformative stories that guide our behaviours, our individual and collective dreams?

The event, hosted across the Grand Palais Éphémère and other iconic venues including the Eiffel Tower, will also feature over 1000 innovative solutions for the planet, presented on stage by founders and entrepreneurs, as well as in the 8000 square metre exhibition area. The more than 300 exhibiting and 200 pitching solutions are carefully selected based on four key criteria — positive impact, replicability/scalability, innovation and viability.

Santiago Lefebvre, founder and CEO of ChangeNow, said: ‘With action comes hope, and with hope comes the capacity to lead the profound changes required to secure a sustainable future for humanity. We are excited to bring together the doers and leaders from all around the world to accelerate the deployment of concrete solutions. We cannot wait any longer to reinvent our societies. At ChangeNow it is a privilege to present so many actions and innovations of today which will be the new norm of tomorrow.’

Other programme highlights will include:

Finance the Change: The world’s rendezvous of investors for positive change, showcasing best practices and tools for finance professionals and helping angel investors and citizens better understand how to mobilise capital for a more sustainable world.

Women for Change: Highlighting female changemakers and all the people promoting gender equality, with UN Women, HeForShe, One Young World, She Changes Climate, and Women in Tech.

Sport for Change: Championing the people and innovations that are leading the transition to a more sustainable and inclusive world of sport.

Art for Change: Supporting creative and artistic engagement by inviting contemporary artists to exhibit at ChangeNow.

Explorers for Change: Engaging with social and environmental purpose driven explorers about their experience in raising awareness around climate change, including glaciologist Dr Heïdi Sevestre, Martin Hartley, photographer and The Last Ice Sentinels’ expedition leader, as well as polar deep diving specialists and founders of Under the Pole, Emmanuelle Périé-Bardout and Ghislain Bardout.


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