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Lush appoints Axil Integrated Services in overhaul of UK waste management

Lush, the cosmetics giant, has appointed Axil Integrated Services as part of a waste management revamp at its UK manufacturing site. Axil will be collecting waste from Lush's new ‘Green Hub’, where the brand takes responsibility for its waste through reducing, reusing, repairing and recycling initiatives.

The two companies will work in partnership to ensure effective and sustainable waste management, and to achieve zero waste to landfill. Axil will also take over management of Lush’s commodities’ waste, as part of a proactive multi-stream waste review to ensure that its production process remains planet friendly.

Lush already takes an active approach to the circular economy in its production, has an effective recycling system, including closed loop on its PP waste and donates surplus products to prevent waste. This is part of its goal to ‘Leave the World Lusher than we found it’. The company makes all its own products onsite using a combination of fresh, active ingredients and essential oils, offered to customers without packaging or in environmentally friendly packaging.

The service provided will include converting card and tissue into usable, recycled cardboard, and breaking down plastics into new polymers, ready to be used again. To meet Lush’s commitment to taking responsibility for its waste, Axil will also provide absolute transparency on the final destination of all waste, so that it can account for every part of the disposal process, and ensure sustainable outcomes.

Axil will introduce reactive and agile transport routes for waste and recycling, reducing vehicle emissions. General waste will also be reduced through additional recycling measures and education for manufacturing staff.

Edward Pigg, managing director at Axil, said: ‘Lush is not only one of the biggest names in British cosmetics, it is also a world leader in ethical production. We are delighted to work with the team at its UK manufacturing site to ensure that its production process continues to be the gold standard for sustainable and responsible recycling and waste management.’

Ashley O’Sullivan, Green Hub operations manager at Lush, said: ‘Lush takes pride in its production processes, and we always go above and beyond to make sure that we are doing the best we can for our customers and for the environment. One of our goals is to leave the world Lusher than we found it, which is why we have decided to complete a proactive, multi-stream review of our production waste, linked to our environmental goals. Axil is an expert in sustainable waste management, and I am so glad that its team has been able to share expertise as part of Lush’s ambitious environmental mission.’


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