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Low Carbon joins The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group

Renewable energy investment company Low Carbon Ltd has become the first SME to join The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group (CLG).

The move comes at a significant time as the UK builds action and influence en route to next year's COP26 climate summit in Glasgow and the impacts of climate change are being felt around the world.

Through bringing the voice of SMEs leading on climate action to policymakers the CLG hopes to explore the measures government can take to provide the policy certainty all SMEs require to commit and take action. The CLG is also exploring the role its core members can play in engaging their supply chains through collaborative action to deliver a resilient, net zero economy.

Roy Bedlow, chief executive and founder, Low Carbon said: ‘We are delighted to join The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group and be its first SME member at a pivotal time for action on climate change. We hope that being part of CLG’s progressive voice on net zero will help more businesses from across the UK economy understand they have a part to play in the transition to climate neutrality.’

Low Carbon, a registered B-Corp, is an investment and asset management company focused on the development and operation of renewable power production at scale. It invests in both renewable energy developers and projects including solar PV, wind, energy storage, waste to energy and energy efficiency.

Eliot Whittington, director, CLG said: ‘We are excited to be extending membership to the SME community in the UK and believe the new perspectives they can offer and the opportunities to accelerate the transition to net zero will be invaluable.

‘Members of The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group are defined by their willingness to share experience and lead from the front. As our first SME member, we welcome Low Carbon to the group and look forward to their



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