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Lovebug, the UK’s first 100% insect based cat food

Launching this Spring, Lovebug is the first 100% insect based cat food available in the UK. The launch marks an important milestone in the journey for pet parents looking for delicious and nutritional food with a smaller environmental pawprint.

Lovebug is a real pet food breakthrough, containing no traditional meat sources and instead packed full of protein rich insects – reducing waste and land use.

We all care about our planet, and we know pet owners are looking to make sustainable choices for their pets. Lovebug can make a real difference to our environment; the bugs take up 80% less land than beef, per kilo of protein, meaning that land use is reduced. The bugs are also fed on 100% surplus veggies and plants reducing food waste. And they are sourced from a farm powered by 100% renewable electricity, meaning Lovebug truly is a more sustainable protein source. And of course, Lovebug comes in fully recyclable and plastic free packaging.

Lovebug is being launched by pet care expert, Mars Petcare, and supported by sustainability entrepreneur Futerra, and has been developed and endorsed by the Waltham Petcare Science Institute. Lovebug lets your feline family enjoy an innovative insect protein kibble with a smaller environmental pawprint, and features a new vegan coating that cats love.

Solitaire Townsend, co-founder of Futerra, added: ‘I love my cat and I love the planet, but I couldn’t find an environmentally conscious, super healthy and plastic free cat food in the UK. There are so many sustainable and healthy choices for people, why not cats? I am delighted to have worked with Mars Petcare to launch Lovebug; a delicious insect protein cat food in recyclable packaging. If you are a cat person and a planet person, then Lovebug is for you.’

Lovebug is a dry cat food for adult cats; it is great for feline teeth, easily digestible, and is balanced with a healthy mix of amino acids, and good fats and micronutrients, which cats need to thrive. This tasty kibble recipe already has lots of feline fans and will be available to buy online in Spring 2021 via Lovebug comes in 1 kg fully recyclable, and plastic free bag for £12.99, with free samples available to order soon too.


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