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Longevity Partners launches Longevity Transaction Services France

Longevity Partners, the global multidisciplinary ESG advisory firm, has announced the launch of Longevity Transaction Services, which will be managed by Laure Ferrand, from the company’s Paris office. Bernard d'Arche will take over the helm of the French office and has been appointed managing director. The creation of the new Transaction Services division is part of the group's diversification strategy to accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy.

With many years of experience in energy efficiency and sustainable building engineering, Laure Ferrand will expand the sustainability due diligence services to include technical due diligence and climate risk quantification to help clients optimise their transactions, and in the future, offer corporate social responsibility (CSR) advisory services for acquisitions and corporate restructuring.

Technical, economic and climate risks are intrinsically linked. Each transaction, whether it is a building, a portfolio, or a company, must take these factors into account. With her experience in CSR due diligence, Laure Ferrand has developed skills to establish a department of experts in transactional risk and to support investment teams cross-functionally.

As for the management of the French branch of Longevity Partners, it is entrusted to Bernard d'Arche, who will be responsible for leading the next stages of development of the company, which has doubled its turnover and tripled its workforce over the last 12 months.

Laure Ferrand joined Longevity Partners in 2020 as a senior energy consultant, before being appointed associate director of the French office in 2021. Prior to this role change, Laure was in charge of the sustainable development due diligence department at Longevity Partners, for which she has completed more than €8 billion in transactions over the last two years. As head of Longevity Transaction Services, she will be responsible for developing the strategy and managing the operations of the new department on a global scale.

Bernard d'Arche, managing director of Longevity Partners France, said: ‘I am very happy to take on these new responsibilities as managing director of Longevity Partners France and to participate in the development of such a dynamic global group, helping players in the real estate industry to reduce their carbon footprint. To face the climate emergency, we have to adapt in a very fast and innovative way; the strong growth of Longevity Partners testifies to a deep desire of the market players to contribute to the preservation of the environment. Our ambition is to continue to offer our French clients tailor made strategies, by accompanying them further in achieving their ESG ambitions.’

Laure Ferrand, global head of Transaction Services, added: ‘I am delighted to take on a new challenge with the Transaction Department. Over the years, we have built up strong skills in understanding the risks and opportunities associated with real estate transactions. Our team is global, but with a strong national knowledge, and is trained to deliver actions with high environmental value. We are navigating in an extremely evolving context, and I will have as a mission to keep Longevity Partners in its expert position, and will have the joy of developing new services.’

Etienne Cadestin, founder and global CEO, continued: ‘The launch of Longevity Transaction Services is part of a logical approach to supporting our clients. The strong demand from our clients in this segment confirms that we are world leaders in sustainable development due diligence. We are therefore adding a few more strings to our bow.’


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