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Konica Minolta given highest evaluation by CDP on Climate A List 2021

Konica Minolta has been awarded a global leadership position on the Climate A List by CDP, an international not for profit organisation engaged in activities to realise a sustainable economy, for the sixth time.

The Climate A List is composed of companies that have been recognised as global leaders in terms of goals set and actions taken to combat climate change and disclosure of information. Of some 12,000 companies around the world that were covered by CDP’s survey, 204 companies were included on the Climate A List 2021 in recognition of their efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, mitigate climate change and contribute to a low carbon economy.

Konica Minolta is striving to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while facilitating the evolution of the business community and human society. With the 17 SDGs the United Nations has developed a global holistic strategy to overcome the current main global challenges. On the SDG ‘Climate Action’ in particular, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe has already taken a lot of action, focusing especially on the responsible use of energy resources:

Since 2018, the European headquarters has been carbon neutral. The European headquarters as well as its subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Spain and most locations in France are using electricity from renewable sources. With the global joining of RE100 the company is committed to sourcing 100% renewable energy by 2050.

Since the introduction of its ‘Enabling Carbon Neutrality’ Programme in 2015, the company and its customers together have offset more than 40,000 tonnes of unavoidable CO2 emissions.

In 2019, Konica Minolta introduced bizhub Eco, a service which includes a pre-set eco configuration of colour multifunctional peripherals (MFPs) and a tree sponsorship in cooperation with Treedom.

In 2020, it introduced AIRe Link, a remote visual support tool that has saved more than 853,000 kilometres of travel to customers (3000 on-site customers), which means that around 104 tonnes of CO2 emissions have not been produced.

To shift transportation from road to rail or waterborne, Konica Minolta uses barges sailing along the Rhine River in Europe as a means of transport from the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands to its base warehouse in Emmerich, Germany.

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