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IPP launches pallet recovery drive

IPP is raising awareness of the importance of keeping pallets in its pool, as lost or out of network pallets have a significant impact on the carbon footprint of the pallet pooler and its customers.

The company, which is one of Europe’s leading poolers of sustainable wooden pallets, has launched a campaign to increase awareness around the value of pallet recovery amongst customers and retailers as it aims to improve recovery rates in the UK.

Any pallet that is lost from IPP’s pool has a negative impact on sustainability, as its replacement requires the use of fresh timber, while returning pallets to its pool improves supply chain efficiencies and supports the circular economy.

The Coventry based company has now launched a drive to fulfil its sustainability ambitions and reduce its carbon footprint, while supporting the sustainability targets of its portfolio of customers in the UK and Europe.

To support its recovery drive, IPP has developed a custom app that can be used to report pallets that are currently out of network.

Shelley Harris, commercial director, said: ‘The success of a sustainable and efficient pool depends on making sure pallets stay in our pool and are used in an optimal way.

‘Lost pallets undermine the circular pooling system; for example, if they are used to store overstock in a warehouse, or if their whereabouts are unknown due to poor data management, the efficiency and sustainability of the pooling system is jeopardised.

‘Pallets are an essential part of supply chains and a lack of pallets impacts all stakeholders in that supply chain, from producer to retailer, and ultimately to a consumer when their products are unable to reach the retail shelf.

‘Therefore, IPP is calling on all customers, retailers and stakeholders who use our pooling system to ensure pallets are returned as soon as possible after use.

‘This enables us to ensure our pooling system remains efficient and sustainable and that all participants in the supply chain benefit.’

To report an out of network pallet go to


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