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How we are about to save the biosphere

For the first time in human history, we have joined Mother Nature in the driving seat of the #biosphere. The future of both Earth and humans is now inextricably linked due to our size and power. We now have a responsibility for the planet’s ability to sustain life as we know it. 

As it stands, we are destroying our only home. The blame for the current predicament lies squarely with us all because we have not created the right #governance tool for protecting a global asset.

We need to form and appoint a global authority, with power over all human organisational forms, including the nation state, whose sole job is delivering global biophysical integrity for the ultra long term.

In his compelling first book, packed full of data, statistics and figures, Angus Forbes argues that we can create a global planet authority today through our first act of global self determination, now that five billion of us are connected via the internet and mobile phones. 

Angus Forbes has long experience working at the coalface of capitalism, consumerism and capital allocation, and his passion for progressive governance and sound knowledge of environmental degradation have led him to advocate for quite a unique solution, the Global Planet Authority.

ISBN: 978-1-912555-30-7 • Paperback • £8.99

About Angus Forbes

A former City banker turned environmentalist, Angus worked at stockbrokers James Capel and Merrill Lynch, and subsequently at fund management firm GLG Partners, where he ran a fund specialising in the consumer sector. Since leaving the City in 2007, Angus has worked as an investor and mentor in consumer start ups. 

With a passion for the environment, he was the first director of the Prince’s Rainforest Project at Clarence House and also the founder of the not for profit Bankers without Boundaries.


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