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How to support sustainability and become an eco conscious workplace

Intelligent office solutions provider, #YSoft, offers advice for a more #sustainable #workplace.

The last decade has seen a profound change in the general operations of businesses, with digital transformation initiatives and the implementation of innovate technologies to improve core business processes having a huge impact. In addition, one area which has increasingly become a huge priority not only for individuals but for businesses too is sustainability, and green movements such as Extinction Rebellion have made climate change even more imperative, according to Y Soft Corporation, a leading enterprise office solutions provider.

Ross Penman, head of global delivery management at Y Soft, commented: ‘As a result of this increased emphasis on sustainability, individuals hold companies more accountable than ever before, not only for their resource consumption but also for their contribution to the environment. Corporations are expected to improve their green credentials and do more to achieve energy efficiency goals. According to research, 80% of consumers are more inclined to support companies and brands with a history of sustainability.’

With this in mind, Ross outlines highlights following steps organisations can take to become a more eco conscious workplace:

Educate and reward your employees for being sustainable

One way to support sustainability is to establish a green programme within your organisation and encourage all your employees to take part in it. You can provide education on how to recycle, dispose of old technology and what solutions to implement in order to become more sustainable. 

Manage your print sensibly

Companies should ensure that they have appropriate print management policies in place, enabling them to significantly reduce unnecessary printing. Not only will print management and document capture solutions increase document security, but forgotten or flawed print jobs are less likely to go to waste too if individuals within an organisation aren’t able to print until the job is authorised by the user at the printer.

It is crucial that companies educate their staff to understand why wasteful printing is unnecessary and how to reduce it. It is also important to recognise that your employees are key for successful sustainability efforts. Therefore, to make this process as engaging as possible, you can organise fun monthly team competitions and reward your employees who have made the most impact within your organisation.

Hold your company accountable by monitoring your energy consumption

Understanding your overall energy consumption and what it needs to improve can make a huge difference. You can decrease your energy consumption by supporting green vendors and consciously working with companies that offer environmentally friendly options. Initiatives can go beyond paper and you can offer company merchandise items such as steel water bottles and travel cups. This is a fun way to reduce energy consumption while holding people within the company accountable.

The bottom line is to make green thinking fun and a key part of your organisation’s culture. Talk to your employees and collaborate with them as much as possible because they are the driving force in becoming an eco-conscious workplace.


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